Feel at home in heaven

Sacred art from gothic and baroque

These beautiful carvings – elaborately restored – do not only belong to the most precious items of the museum but they are also the most important artworks of its kind throughout Saxony. The thematic emphasis lies on altarpieces and sculptural groups created by the carving workshops of Peter Breuer, Leonhard Herrgott and Michael Heuffner in Zwickau before the Reformation. In addition visitors may explore high quality works of anonymous masters from those days, for example a winged altar which is rich in figures, various madonna figures and several holy figures as well as sculptures of the so-called ‘Bornkinnl’ – a tradition originating from the Ore Mountains.

Post-Reformation artwork is represented by depictions of angels, memorial plaques and single figures created by the workshop Böhm from Schneeberg, a town 20 kilometers away from Zwickau. Said family determined the development of sculpture in Western Saxony and Eastern Thuringia for three Generations.


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