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Positions of contemporary art

In recent years the museum has been able to acquire important works created by artists linked to Zwickau. These include for instance Rosa Loy and Wolfram Ebersbach, both born in Zwickau. They are examples for the large spectrum of the New Leipzig School whose artists studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Contemporary art – often across all genres – is also represented by positions of selected award winners in commemoration of Max Pechstein. In this manner the prize is awarded since 1995. It shall remind of Pechstein’s intentions who already co-initiated this award for young artists in 1947. The collection comprises artists like Alfred Hrdlicka or Hartwig Ebersbach as well, both winners of the Max Pechstein Honorary Award.

Changing temporary exhibitions invite the visitor to explore the variety of contemporary art. And this means: Classical painting meets photography meets object art.


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