Max Pechstein Honorary Award of the City of Zwickau 2017

Hartwig Ebersbach, born in 1940 in Zwickau and now living in Leipzig, was awarded with the fifth Max Pechstein Honorary Award of the city of Zwickau by mayor Dr. Pia Findeiß on 10 November 2017. At the same time the exhibition TIME. HARTWIG EBERSBACH (from 11 November 2017 until 25 February 2018) was opened in the KUNSTSAMMLUNGEN ZWICKAU in the presence of numerous art lovers.

The appraisal of an artist such as Hartwig Ebersbach is of particular importance for Zwickau. By chance Hartwig Ebersbach and Max Pechstein – Zwickau’s most famous painters – are linked by their home town. Thus, we have the award winner 2017 in mind for exhibitions and our collection for many years now.


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