Eva Weingärtner functions as a protagonist of her own artistic work. Her performances, recorded in an unpretentious manner by a camera, seem like a self-experiment or short dialogs with her own ‘I’. This analysis of a self, which could easily be generalized as well, deals with the question of self-perception and outside perception.

In her short enthralling recordings she exposes herself to the audience, presents her inner self and translates this self-interrogation through powerful images into the whole spectrum of human emotions and behavior. The profundity of her self-questioning and analyzing the layers of human existence is contrasted by simple but nonetheless effective video recordings. At first the artist worked with her reflection, later on she plays with the interaction with her own silhouette in different versions. The shadow – which refers quite metaphorical to the ‘dark’ aspects of the self – complements the ‘bright’ conscious side of the subject in a playful way.


Eva Weingärtner lives and works in Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main.

1978 born in Worms
2000 until 2006 Offenbach University of Art and Design

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