Any memorial or monument presents a specific perception of past and history. Luise Schröder was inspired by a bronze soldier monument at the ‘Moravian Square’ in Brno/Czech Republic as a starting point for her work ‘The historic front’ (Die historische Front).   

This is a historic site which perfectly illustrates the political and social upheavals during the 20th century in Europe, merely by its changing names. Its architecture as well as the square’s function point to the turbulent history of city and state, leading from the empire to dictatorship and fascism, the Soviet occupation and the upheavals after 1990. The statue ‘Victory of the Red Army over Fascism’ (Sieg der Roten Armee über den Faschismus) was set up in 1955 on the occasion of Brno’s 10th anniversary of the day of liberation from fascism.

The monumental soldier becomes the protagonist of her filmic narrative. In her imagery and photograving she condenses differing perspectives into different spacial and temporal dimensions in order to create an installation. By this Luise Schröder intends to make visible our current approach to history and discuss its construction and complexity.      


Luise Schröder lives and works in Leipzig.

1982 born in Potsdam
2001 until 2003 studied general and comparative literature studies and history of art at the Freie Universität Berlin
2003 until 2004

European Voluntary Service in Bulgaria with the organization Art in Action in Sofia

teached photography at the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, art pedagogy department

2004 until 2011

studied photography and media art at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

since 2007

working as an art mediator at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig

2011 diploma with distinction in fine arts (photography/media art)

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