Guided tour of the Max-Pechstein-Museum

“Let’s have your walls for Max Pechstein!"
Thematic tour of the Max-Pechstein-Museum showing artwork from all phases of the artist’s career

Since 2014 the Kunstsammlungen present nearly 50 paintings, sculptures and decorative artwork made by Max Pechstein: expressionistic landscapes and still lifes, portraits and decorative artwork such as glass pictures and mosaics as well as his colorful late work which appears almost surreal. His paintings inspired by the South Seas are the highlights of this exhibition. They express in particular Pechstein’s intensive longing for simpleness and genuineness. A tour of the Max-Pechstein-Museum takes us on a journey through the life’s work of the artist born in Zwickau, member of the artist group ‘Brücke’ (The Bridge) and world-famous expressionist.

Minimum number of participants: 5 attendants
Maximum number of participants: 25 attendants
Duration: 60 minutes
Charge: 55 Euros during opening hours, 100 Euros out of opening hours plus museum entrance fee


Donations, new acquisitions and recent research are good reasons to highlight various aspects of the artist’s biography. Besides selected artwork by Pechstein these highlights are discussed during public tours taking place every two weeks on Sunday at 3pm.  Please refer to our calendar for upcoming events.

6 Euros, reduced admission 3.50 Euros


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