Florian Auer is also working with objectively sculptural elements which he presents in a very realistic manner although they rather refer to the existence of virtual rooms. Well-known images from advertising, design and media content present items, products and living areas as well as the human being himself in an optimized form, increasingly challenging our perception. By transporting fragments of such virtual or media space into the artistic space Florian Auer is able to find new images for it and make it real. By dissolving the objects within the image the artist reminds of impressionist painting techniques aiming at movement and vibrancy as well as producing a certain lightness and airiness in these paintings through a pointillistic dissection of the colored areas. With regard to the digital world the objects theirselves are adopted in order to match the high-resolution transferability of the media. This is precisely what the artist is interested in: the interplay of real and virtual reality. With his artworks – almost classical and technically perfect ‘sculptures’ – he is operating in truly accessibly rooms.


Florian Auer lives and works in Berlin.

1984 born in Augsburg
2005 until 2006 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (American Cultural Studies)
2006 until 2009 studies with Prof Albert Hien at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich
2009 until 2012 studies with Prof Rehberger at the Städelschule / Academy of Fine Arts Frankfurt am Main

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