Max Pechstein Advancement Award of the City of Zwickau 2015

Maria Anisimova wins the Advancement Award 2015

Maria Anisimova is awarded with the Max Pechstein Advancement Award (Max-Pechstein-Förderpreis) of the city of Zwickau in 2015. This decision was taken by the jury at its meeting on 25 August 2015. The Scholarship is awarded to Jeronimo Voss from Frankfurt am Main.

One of the most important functions of an advancement award is to support contemporary and not yet widely known art. The Zwickau art prize is awarded for the eight time in 2015.

A total of five promising candidates were nominated and suggested by renowned curators and experts for contemporary art. The artist present their artwork in a temporary exhibition in the KUNSTSAMMLUNGEN ZWICKAU Max-Pechstein-Museum between 29 August and 18 October 2015. Said exhibition comprises the works of all five nominees for the Max Pechstein Advancement Award of the city of Zwickau 2015: ‘Der Greif’, an artist group from Augsburg; Florian Auer, lives and works in Berlin; Maria Anisimova, lives and works in Offenbach am Main; Jeronimo Voss, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main; Flaka Haliti, lives and works in Munich, Prishtina and Vienna.


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