Jeronimo Voss convinced the jury with his consistent presentation of projected images and assemblages which he stages in a conceptual coherent way. The jury was particularly impressed by the way the artist refers to history, technology, media and science.

Jeronimo Voss creates a project called ‘Eternity through the Stars (Die Ewigkeit durch die Sterne), based on an astronomical hypotheses by theorist and Paris Commune activist Louis-Auguste Blanqui from 1871/72, and projects it onto the walls of the apsis in the museum’s great hall. Blanqui assumes an eternal connection between all living and lifeless phenomenons. Thus, history is an endless repetition and, on the other hand, there are ‘double universes’ offering endless possibilities of development. Jeronimo Voss refers to this fascinating theory about eternity, about the numerous possibilities of our existence, politics, history, science and culture by means of condensed images. He uses historical photographic material, for example old and restored glass slides, showing various maps and city views. Then he edits these images of the universe and assembles the differing components to create a philosophical journey into past, present and future. Intrigued by old projection apparatuses the artist takes up the idea and aesthetics of the magic lantern – known since the late 18th century these lanterns create illusions and phantasmagoria by means of moving and superimposed images, thus enchanting the audience quite tricky. Jeronimo Voss translates this illusive imagery into a modern form and thereby creates an exceptional filmic narrative asking questions about our world, philosophy and ideals in a critical and utmost poetic way at the same time.


Jeronimo Voss lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

1981 born in Hamm (Westphalia)
2002 studied communication design at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)
2003 until 2009 until 2009 studied fine arts at the Städelschule / Academy of Fine Arts Frankfurt am Main
2012 one-year work scholarship by the Jürgen Ponto Foundation
2013 traveling scholarship by the Hessische Kulturstiftung
2014 Young Artist Award of the GWK
2014 guest lecturer at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel




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