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Simon Pfeffel is starting a dialog between himself as the artist and the viewer or passer-by, initiated by irritating and playful actions through means of performance art. Thus, the artist takes his place in the urban space while undertaking a physically demanding tour through Zwickau: He heads towards the art museum while he lies on a mobile trolley – bumping over cobblestone and asphalt. In doing so he shoots this tour via a mirror or pushes his wedding ring ahead so that Zwickau can leave its mark. In order to get in contact with potential protagonists for his actions and performances he publishes his cell phone number. You may find it on a poster hanging on the museum or printed on jackets in the exhibition room. This way you may always get in contact with the artist, even though he is not physically present. The caller is able to immediately start a dialog, by this we have a ‘direct link’ even over long distances. Simon Pfeffel stays in Barcelona during the runtime of the exhibition, nonetheless he can communicate with callers from Zwickau via cell phone. Thus, differing interactions involving the Zwickau exhibition room or urban space are possible; the artist builds relationships whose complexity can be experienced through the duration of the performance and especially the shift in perspectives.


Simon Pfeffel lives and works in Pforzheim.

1985 Born in Nuremberg
2005 until 2011 studies with Prof Silvia Bächli, painting/printmaking, at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe

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