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Unknwon master, Altar retable from Lugau

1516, Spruce wood frame, Figures made of linden wood, gold-plated, 209 x 235 x 37 cm
Inv.-No. V/82/4/K3, from the church in Lugau, Erzgebirge district

The so-called Holy Kinship populates the altarpiece. According to legend, Anna, the mother of Mary, was married three times. Every daughter had a daughter - everyone was called Maria. Mary, Our Lady, is depicted in the middle shrine, with the baby Jesus on her arm, her parents, Anna and Joachim, to the left and right. The sisters of Mary can be seen in the wings of the altar. On the left Maria Cleophas with her husband Alphaeus and the four children. On the right is the family of Maria Salomas with Zebedee and two children, including the later Baptist of Jesus, John. The late medieval winged altar was removed during the new church building in Lugau in 1842/43 or the new choir building in 1883 and kept in the attic. Acquired shortly before 1900 by the Royal Saxon Antiquities Association and exhibited in the palace in the Great Garden in Dresden, he came to the Museum of Zwickau in 1924 under Hildebrand Gurlitt.


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