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Anton Arrigoni, The marketplace of Zwickau with town hall, cloth hall and old inn

1845/46, watercolor, 9.5 x 14.5 cm, indicated at the bottom-right corner: Arrigoni
Inv. no. 1938/274/22, 1939 donation by the city society

The painter born in Vienna was appointed as scene painter of the royal court of Dresden in 1826. Saxon King Friedrich August II commissioned him and the Dresden landscapist Karl Traugott Faber to paint local landscapes and views. By this means they produced hundreds of small filigree artworks with watercolor showing cities and landscapes throughout Saxony in 1845. On occasion of the museum’s 25th anniversary the city society donated this box with 49 views showing the territory of the river Zwickauer Mulde. The citizens of Zwickau had acquired these sheets from the House of Wettin.


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