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Michael Heuffner, Saint Urban

around 1510, lime, hardly visible remains of the original color, Urban: 117 x 40 x 30 cm
Inv. no. V/65/21/K3 (Urban), from a church in Reinsdorf, village near Zwickau

Michel Heuffner grew up in Eger, today named Cheb in Bohemia/Czech Republic. His name was filed between 1483 and 1511, although there is no information regarding a permanent residence of the artist in the city of Zwickau. The Holy Sepulcher at St. Mary’s is left as his main work in Zwickau. The figures of Saint Urban and Jacob as well as figures picturing the Mother of Sorrows, Maria Magdalena and a crucifix corpus – nowadays presented in St. Mary’s – were handed over to the History and Antiquity Association of Zwickau in the course of constructing a new church in Reinsdorf (1887–1891).


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