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Rosa Loy, Friends

2005, Casein on canvas, 210 x 70 cm, indicated at the edge of the bottom half: Loy 05
Inv. no. 2005/510, acquired in 2005

The puzzling scenery of the painting ‘Friends’ is determined by four heads of women hovering over a crater-like landscape. It seems as strange, sulphur-like vapors are ascending from those ponds filled with a milky liquid, covering the night sky. In her imagery Rosa Loy combines dreams and fantasy with everyday reality. At the same time she is cultivating absurdism with her painting which refers to the Old Masters (early Italien renaissance, casein technique).

“Form may vary from time to time, but the content of my paintings always revolve around one theme: the feminine in its versatile shades and entanglements. Women are good and bad, maternal and aggressive, creative and destructive. They are loving friends and dangerous enemies. They are virgin and whore.” (Rosa Loy)


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